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Tips for International Students in the Job Search

Tips for International Students in the Job Search

Did you know that the CCO can help you with your international job search? It's true but no matter where you are from you can take advantage of the following recourses for your career search and your professional development as well. Check our tips and tricks for the international student job search.

Understanding the work authorization options for international students to work in the United States

  • Whether you are just beginning your job search in the United States or you have secured a job you need to understand your options for work authorization in the US. The International Student Services (ISS) office is available to guide you along the way. The ISS office has assembled resources to help you understand your options and navigate the process. Check it out here: Purdue International and Student Scholars Office

Tailor/Customize your professional documents: resume and cover letter

  • Resumes look different all around the world. It is vital to your success that you tailor or customize your professional documents to the(maybe “job description” instead of country’s norm) country's norms. Not sure where to start? Never fear, the Purdue Writing Lab can help you perfect your resume for the American job search. You can talk about Purdue CCO or quick chats can help students to perfect their resume, Purdue writing lab can help more on grammar/cover letter writing

Network and be proactive!

  • Create a LinkedIn, Attend Career Fairs, Be part of a student organization, network with faculty/staff members (if you want to remove this whole section of create a linkedin….. you can, since you had mentioned it below in the paragraph, so the bullet point would just be “network and be proactive”

  • Did you know that it's possible to launch your career before you even apply for jobs? It's true! Using LinkedIn, attending career fairs, and being a part or leader in a student organization can be beneficial to your professional development and can help you network before you even begin the job search. You can also get to know the faculty and staff here at Purdue not only for information about your chosen field but also as a networking and mentorship opportunity.

Utilize resources and job search platforms for your job search inside and outside of U.S.

Preparing for an interview

  • You have networked, built up your professional development, perfected your resume, and got an interview! How exciting and nerve-racking. Well have no fear because you’ve got this with the help of these resources:

  • BigInterview

  • Job Now – available through MyCCO

  • Mock Interview – sign up for an appointment today!

Use the CCO Services

  • The CCO services are open to everyone so take advantage of the help they can provide. Whether you need help with the job search, are rethinking your major, or considering grad school the CCO has a service to help you. Click the link below to schedule an appointment today! – include the link to boilerconnect or the webpage that has all the different types of appointments that we offer

No matter where in the career search you are or where in the world you are from the CCO has it covered with plenty of resources for your professional development. Check out the resources above and more at

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