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A Student's Guide to the Waiting Game

You went to the career fair, met some interesting potential employers, and completed your first interview…now what? You have entered the long recruitment process but now you feel like you are in limbo, waiting to hear back. The waiting game can be an anxiety-ridden time, filled with crossing your fingers and hoping to move onto the next stage of the recruitment process. What can you do during that time to be productive and proactive in the job search?

These 5 tips can help you move along the recruitment journey with intention and purpose.

  • Follow up with your potential employer

Write a thank you note or email to your potential employer thanking them for their time during the interview. Showing a sense of gratitude shows the employer that you value their time. In addition, if you do not hear back from the potential employer within 2 to 3 weeks it is a good idea to send over a follow up email asking about what the next step in the recruitment process will be.

  • Expand your options

Even though you may have a few potential employers in mind, it is always important to expand your options during the recruitment process. A different company or role may suit you better than the options you currently have. Remember to keep an open mind and head over to myCCO to check out all the available opportunities for Purdue students and alumni.

  • Practice your interview skills

Now that you have entered the first stages of the recruitment process it is likely you will be tasked with a few more interviews to find your best fit within the company. The CCO offers free interview prep for Purdue students and alumni through BoilerConnect. Polish up your interview skills to crush your final interview and secure that dream job.

  • Research the industry

While you may be enthusiastic about a certain company or role it is important to brush up on your industry knowledge. Many students skip this step, so if you take the time to research key topics or current events within the specific industry you will stand out to employers during an interview.

  • Determine what is important to you

As students who are brand new to the professional world, it can be confusing to determine what aspects of your career is most important to you. You may be motivated by societal impact or maybe by financial compensation. During the waiting period, determine what you expect the terms of agreement may be and decide if the company you are interviewing with can meet your needs. For more tips on the negotiation process check out the Negotiating that Job Offer blog post!

The waiting game can be stressful but always remember to keep an open mind and that proactiveness encourages productivity in the job search!

As always, Boiler Up!

-Elizabeth Vernier

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