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Services Provided at the CCO

Have you ever been confused about the services the CCO provides, or wondered if you are booking the right service? Well, now you can understand what each service at the CCO provides. You can book an appointment ranging from interview practice to PhD student career planning. These services are provided to all undergraduates and graduates. The CCO’s goal is to empower students for lifelong success with these services. It is highly advised that all students and alumni use these resources as needed.

1. Career Planning (Undergraduates & Master’s)

The career planning service involves helping students explore and search for majors or careers they are interested in. Choosing a career path or even a major can be difficult at times, so this resource is helpful in deciding what you may want to major in or pursue as a future career. This service is also offered to graduate students, with grad school planning and personal statement reviews.

2. PhD Student Career Planning

This service helps PhD students with exploration for industry, nonprofit, and federal careers. If this is something you are interested in, you are also able to have your application reviewed for industry and nonprofit positions. Even your tenure-track application packet such as, teaching philosophy, diversity statement, CV review, etc. can be reviewed if wanted.

3. Quick Chat – Undergraduate/Master’s

Quick chats offer many options for reviewing professional materials. As an undergraduate or graduate, you can have your resume, cover letter, or even your CV reviewed. There is even an option to have your LinkedIn reviewed, which is essential for this time of the year. You can receive help on your MyCCO account as well. If you have never used MyCCO before, receiving help on navigating your account can be beneficial. Lastly, this service offers job or internship offer negotiation appointments as well.

4. Job/Internship Search

Are you unsure of the job search resources that are available to you as a Purdue student or have questions about the process? This service provides job or internship search strategies. LinkedIn is used a lot to search for potential jobs or internships, so LinkedIn profile reviews are also offered, to help improve your profile. Career fair and interview preparation are offered as well. This part of the service is extremely helpful during the busy parts of the semester of trying to prepare for career events. Job offer negotiation is also offered through this service.

5. Pre-Professional Advising

The office of pre-professional advising offers several services that students can benefit from. Exploring professional careers, including law, dental, veterinary, and other health careers, is an option for students who are still figuring out what career path they want to take. Preparation for professional fields is important and this service provides help for proper preparation. Mock interviews for health career related interviews are offered through this service as well. Finally, help for navigating application processes, personal statements, competitiveness, aptitude tests, choosing schools, recommendation letters, and interviews are all provided to help students.

6. Interview Practice for Jobs and Internships – Undergraduate and Master’s

Interview practice for both undergraduates and those pursuing a master’s is offered. You can schedule a virtual appointment through BoilerConnect or call the CCO main office at 765-494-3981 for assistance. Once you are on BoilerConnect choose CCO/Career Development and Job Search. Virtual interview practice is also available 24/7 through Big Interview. So, if you are up at 2am and you want interview practice, we would suggest taking a look at Big Interview!

7. Quiet Space for Virtual Interviews

Quiet and private spaces for virtual interviews you may lined up are offered at Young Hall. If you want to request a room, use this form so you can get a quiet and private space to have your virtual interview. You need to complete the form at least 24 hours in advance. This resource is very helpful if you need a quiet environment and a distraction free place to participate in an interview. You want to do your best in your interview, so having that quiet and private space will be useful.

To schedule an appointment for a specific service or to understand what is offered, please press the link below:

Note to Alumni: Purdue offers alumni free access to the same resources and services offered to current students. Check out the access what is offered in the link below:

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