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Purdue Alumni Give the Inside Scoop on Endress+Hauser

The Purdue CCO was given the opportunity to speak with two Purdue Alumni that are now in impressive roles at Endress+Hauser. They dished on what their Purdue experience was like and some advice they would give to Boilermakers looking into experiencing the Rotational Development Program with Endress+Hauser! 

As a leading company on the cutting edge of measurement instrumentation, services, and solutions for industrial process engineering, Endress+Hauser has a lot to offer aspiring engineers looking for a job. Endress+Hauser stands by, “People for Process Automation”, and they look for ways they can continuously innovate solutions for industries spanning from food and beverage all the way to power and energy. 

Does a globally recognized engineering company like Endress+Hauser interest you? 

Apply for Endress+Hauser's Rotational Development Program and continue reading to get some valuable insight from relatable Purdue alumni who currently work at Endress+Hauser and were in your shoes as a college students not too long ago!

Felicia Shadoan – Endress+Hauser Technical Support Engineer, Flow

Felicia Shadoan graduated from Purdue University in 2018 with a Manufacturing Engineering Technology degree from the Polytechnic Institute. She was hired directly into Endress+Hauser’s Technical Support Engineer role upon graduation. When asked why she applied to Endress+Hauser she said, “They seemed to be in a wide variety of industries that I can learn and grow from.” These wide variety of industries have a global impact, allowing for employees to gain more international perspectives. In addition to, Felicia remarked that she enjoys the work culture and how Endress+Hauser is such a large company but fosters a small company vibe. This is important because it aligns work with a supportive community. 

Felicia would recommend Purdue students to take advantage of Endress+Hauser's Rotational Development Program because it gives students, “the opportunities to explore different roles within the organization and seek other opportunities that may arise during that time.” She also mentioned that the program gives students a better understanding of how the organization works and exposes them to many different parts of the business. Not only does this encourage a broad network with highly skilled professionals, but it also allows you to find where to leverage your strengths as an employee.

Michael Bailey – Endress+Hauser Projects Analyst 

Michael Bailey is an Industrial Engineering, 2018 Purdue grad. Some of his favorite memories at Purdue were playing basketball at the COREC, intramural football, and when Purdue beat Ohio State of course! He was also involved in Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity Incorporated and the Minority in Technology Association. With an impressive engineering degree from Purdue, Michael was unsure about where he wanted to apply all of his knowledge and skills, however he explained, “The fact that you can rotate throughout the program really excited me. I also like the fact that the company openly offers international opportunities which is AMAZING!”

As young students its extremely exciting to think about all the experiences the world has to offer, and when a company can support those passions to experience the world on an international level it definitely makes work more fun! When asked what he enjoys most about Endress+Hauser, Michael stated, “I really enjoy the broadening of perspective I have received while working here. I appreciate all the opportunities to continue your education where you see fit, and the openness of the culture.”

Michael recommends the Rotational Development Program to a specific kind of senior. He mentions that is program is for those that are open to rotating through different departments to broaden their sense of how a company operates. Also this program is for students that are strong in building relationships that don’t only rely on technical skills. Leveraging your soft skills is crucial in navigating a professional network. Michael concludes by explaining, “they (students) will be forced to continue to learn new processes and skills beyond what their curriculum might have covered. Considering it’s a rotational program, they will experience things they haven’t previously, and if they are open to learning or re-learning how to do something they will go far.”

When asked what piece of advice Michael would like to share with Boilermakers he said, “It is okay to be selfish with your time and your wants/needs in life. Grow your intimate personal life as much as possible! It is easy to see oneself as just a student, a worker, or a combination of the two with all the “coaching/mentorship” they get coming up in education.” It is incredibly important to keep your goals at the forefront of your mind and to continuously remind yourself of what makes you happy.

After hearing what Felicia and Michael have to say about their experiences at Endress+Hauser it's a no brainer to look into the Rotational Development Program and the Global Job Openings that Endress+Hauser has to offer. Who knows? You could end up at a globally recognized company giving tips and advice to young Boilermakers before you know it!

Apply to the Rotational Development Program Today!

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