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My Experience at the CCO

There are many things that I greatly appreciate about Purdue, but one of those many things is the experience I’ve had at the CCO as a marketing & media intern. As I entered this new chapter of my life at Purdue, I really had no clue what I wanted to do in the future. I thought I wanted to be a buyer for a big company such as Target. However, this internship really exposed to me what I am truly passionate about, marketing! The CCO has provided me with a variety of opportunities, and I am nothing but grateful for the experience I’ve had.

Thinking back on the semester, as a CCO marketing intern, I’ve made a few accomplishments that I am proud of. Starting with the growth I’ve seen in my writing skills. I enjoy writing; creating captions for social media and working on my writing skills has been a great opportunity for me to grow. I am also proud of how far I’ve come in creating content geared toward specific target audiences on social media. Gaining more insight into marketing tactics that have been taught to me at the CCO has not only helped me perform better but also interests me more.

The skills I have gained, I plan to use in the future and hope that I can gain even more insight on marketing. I will focus on my creative ability when it comes to content creation and continue working on my writing skills. The projects and requests I’ve been given as a marketing intern have challenged me to become better at marketing and strengthen my skills. This experience has given me lots of room to be creative and has allowed me to go out of my comfort zone. Thank you CCO for the opportunity you gifted me with. This internship has set me up properly for the future and I am thankful for that.


Gabby Griesi

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