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Meet Maeci Dristas

Major: Agribusiness with a concentration of Marketing

Minor: Pursuing a Certificate in Entrepreneurship

Year: Senior

Internship: Sales Management Intern

Company: PepsiCo

Maeci is an Agribusiness major at Purdue from Indianapolis. She is a senior who worked as the Vice President of Member Development for the Purdue Marketing Association on campus. She worked a Sales Management Internship at PepsiCo her Junior Year and is currently pursuing consulting opportunities full-time post-grad.

What attracted you to the company/position?

"What attracted me to Pepsi Co was not only the reputable name, but the job description was striking. I had the chance to work on an actual project and lead a team of sales representatives to increase revenue in accounts."

Can you tell me about your overall experience working there?

"This experience was extremely hands on. I enjoyed working with all different positions within the company to make an impact on our sales performance."

What does your typical day look like?

"A typical day as a Sales Management Intern was going into the accounts (Walmarts, Meijer's, convenience stores) and working with the Pepsi Sales Reps to ensure the store manager's needs and wants were being both met and exceeded."

What did you learn from this role?

"The two most valuable takeaways from this experience so far are to respect every role in the business and understand that you cannot succeed without every employee in the building. A business is like a vessel that has a singular goal, but everyone must complete their task and work together to make the destination."

Photo of Maeci (bottom right) at her PepsiCo internship.

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