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Meet Luay Nasr

First Name/Preferred Name: Luay

Last Name: Nasr

Pronouns: He/him

Where are you from? Where do you consider home? Bahrain

What is your major(s)? Business Analytics and Information Management

What is your minor(s)? Concentration in Innovation Management

College Year: 2024

What attracted you to the company/position?

Because Saudi Telecom Company (STC) is a prominent ISP in the middle east, they own and procure massive amounts of data. Working as a Data Analytics intern allowed me to access this data to learn more about telecom-related analytics. While this served as the biggest motivating factor to work with STC, I also had the opportunity to work with a dedicated mentor. The mentor I worked with was an expert in his field, allowing me to fall back on him whenever I had any questions; whether theoretical or technical.

What does your typical day look like? Tell me about your overall experience working there.

While working at STC, I felt a sense of belonging, and most importantly, I learned a lot. To start the day, I'd walk into the office while simultaneously being greeted with coffee, smiles, and meaningful conversations. This routine always never fails to put me in the right mindset for my daily meeting with my mentor. Every morning, we would usually start off by dwelling on the business model, procedures, and processes used to collect, clean, analyze, and present data. The second portion of our meeting is where he'd assign hands-on projects and scenarios for me to work on. Most of these tasks covered areas like data pre-processing, data visualization, and results-communication (dashboards using PowerBi). I'd spend the rest of the day tackling my assigned projects with the guidance of my mentor. During my lunch break hour, I'd utilize the opportunity to network and connect with the employees within my department. By doing this, I gained lots of perspective on STC and my analytical field. Overall, STC was a great opportunity to apply tools like PowerBi, Salesforce, and Excel to real-world applications.

What did you learn from this role?

My Data Analytics role at STC taught me a lot in terms of data and analytics within the telecom world. In technical terms, I learned the different stages of analyzing leads, accounts, opportunities, employee performance, and several other stages to help pinpoint KPI requirements and track performance. Furthermore, I learned various techniques to help translate data into facts to help inform strategic business decisions for executives and managers by creating dashboards using PowerBi, PPT, and Salesforce. Finally, with the help of my mentor, we touched on cleaning and predictive methods to create more time for development and less time for data cleaning.

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