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Meet Jordyn Beck

Jordyn was recognized for her internship at Cummins Inc. She said what attracted her was the culture and care behind the company. During the 2021 Krannert Career Fair, she was given multiple opportunities to connect with multiple recruiters from the company to gain a well-rounded grasp of their culture. Her experience working there was phenomenal because she had the ability to lead 3 different projects in which she collaborated with over 30 industry leaders from around the world. These projects taught her more about cross-cultural communication, leadership, and strategic planning.

-What attracted you to the company/position?

​Learning more about the culture of Cummins and how much they truly care for their employees.

-Tell us about your overall experience working there? ​Amazing experience full of so much growth. I was able to manage 3 of my own projects and work with over 30 industry leaders.

-What does your typical day look like as an intern? ​My day was anything but typical! Depending on what stage of my projects I was in, there were times when I had 6 meetings a day and other days that were set apart for strategic brainstorming.

-What did you learn from this role? ​I learned more about connecting with others cross-culturally. It is a big task to gain alignment on business strategies. Having the opportunity to see a team of leaders aligned on one goal and then come together to build a roadmap of implementation steps in order to reach that goal was life changing.

-What is a piece of advice that you can share to students who are seeking an internship? ​Do your research on the company and then simply be yourself. Remember that as much as you are looking for a company, they are also looking for you! Authenticity speaks volume every time so remember to relax and communicate your value while seeking to understand the value the company can offer you.

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