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Meet Jack McCain

Jack is recognized for his engagement in professional networking. Jack interned in sales for Eli Lilly this summer in Louisiana. Keep reading to learn more about Jack’s insight on his overall experience at Eli Lilly.

What attracted you to the company/position?

“My mom has worked for Eli Lilly for 30+ years so I have always been around the company and been able to see first-hand how great a company Eli Lilly is and how they stay true to their morals and values. I am a sales management major and have always had a passion for building relationships and helping people solve problems so I believe that pharmaceutical sales will be a career that gives me the opportunity to combine these passions every day.”

Tell us about your overall experience working there?

“I had a great experience working for Eli Lilly! I was fortunate to have had a great manager, mentor, and team who supported me every step of the way and helped me grow so much throughout the entire summer.”

What does your typical day look like as an intern?

“My typical day would consist of me driving to 4-5 different medical clinics in my assigned territory and talking with as many providers as I could in each office about the drug I was representing.”

What did you learn from this role?

“The biggest thing I learned from this role was that pharmaceutical sales are not an easy job, but it is very rewarding in the end to see the impact your companies’ medicines are playing in helping improve people’s lives.”

What is a piece of advice that you can share to students who are seeking an internship?

“One tip of advice I have for students seeking an internship is to always keep an open mind whether it be the company you’re working for, the industry you’ll be working in, or even the location you’ll be placed in, because you never know what each opportunity presented to you could open up for the future.”

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