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Meet Bennett Ely

Major: Finance

Minors and Certificates: Certificate of Entrepreneurship

Year: Senior

Student Organizations: Pi Kappa Phi, Pete’s Pals, Approachable Investing LLC (my own business), PUDM (Freshman Year), and Finance council member (St.Toms).

What career readiness tools has Purdue provided you with?

The tools that I used are not tangible per se, but I found them valuable. In general, Purdue’s classes have been a great place for me to network with amazing individuals. This is a skill that will be invaluable for the rest of my life. The effort that Purdue puts in to foster a collaborative environment speaks volumes for how they differentiate themselves from competing universities. I tried to take full advantage of that, and I believe that I have.

What’s your favorite course on campus? Can you share a memorable moment or experience from it?

MGMT 413 – Corporate Finance. It was a 3-hr lecture, twice a week. The professor was a no-nonsense kind of guy who fostered a “respect is earned” environment. It is the only class of its kind and I very much enjoyed it.

Tell us about your on-campus job experiences that have contributed to your career development (research projects, class projects, clubs and associations, on-campus jobs)?

We had to create our own business for a project in Engl. 420. I had my company up and running, but What came out of the class was something real that improved the operations of the company. No project in my schooling career was more beneficial than this one because I saw the benefits during and after it was finished. The business plan developed in the fiction environment of class was implemented into the reality of life.

What career advice would you offer underclassmen?

Find what makes you different and exploit that characteristic to set yourself apart from the mainstream. Learn to network and build relationships. School is school for everybody, but the differentiator between mediocrity and success long-term, is the ability to build lasting relationships.

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