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Meet Andrea Untama

Andrea is a student that is double majoring in English and Creative Writing while also have a minor in Law and Society. She's a junior from Westfield, Indiana. Andrea is very involved on campus with our student organizations and her multicultural sorority such as Delta Phi Mu Sorority, Inc., Student English Association, Purdue Foundation Student Board, Undergraduate Tutor at the Writing Lab, Professional Writing Association, Boiler Gold Rush. Keep reading to learn more about Andrea and her time with Purdue and the Latino Cultural Center.

What career readiness tools has Purdue provided you with?

"Purdue has provided me with employment opportunities and I have also gained professional experience as well as cultivated academic and personal growth. A lot of my clubs and organizations I am involved with have let me step out of my comfort zone and accomplish a lot more than what I would have thought my freshman year."

What's your favorite course on campus? Can you share a memorable moment or experience from it?

"One of my favorite courses was my gateway course in my major. During that course, I went to all my Professor's office hours, even if I did not need help with my writing. I got to know my Professor better. We talked about our favorite books. She mentioned a book I may like based on one of my favorites. On the last day of class, she came up to my desk, placed her personal copy of the of Wide Sargasso Sea to take home to read. "

Tell us about your on-campus job experiences that have contributed to your career development (research projects, class projects, clubs and associations, on-campus jobs)?

"A lot of my professional development comes from getting involved on campus through organizations as well as being employed. As a tutor in the Writing Lab, I am able to help fellow peers out with their writing. It has helped me hone my collaborative skills. In Purdue Foundation Student Board, I am able to interact and take an active role in stewardship with Purdue donors and alumni and learn valuable life and professional skills. When joining Delta Phi Mu Sorority, Inc., I found a sisterhood, a supportive community to support me in my academic endeavors and career aspirations, and who push me to become a better version of myself every single day."

What career advice would you offer underclassmen?

"Actively seek mentorship. A lot of my success has come from having a support system and people to look up to and guide me. My Professor (whom I had freshman year) still keep in contact. Seeking and having a mentor is the greatest thing as you navigate who you wish to become as an individual and as a professional."

What do you like about the LCC?

"It is such a welcoming place! Fun fact, it is how I found out about Delta Phi Mu Sorority, Inc.! I love being able to go there and have a space that is there for everyone in the community, especially Latinx and Hispanic people. I am Latina, but have gotten to know others who are interested in Latin culture learning more about it. I encourage people to stop by, the staff is great and really nice! The LCC is also a great study space and they also host events for the community!"

Decoration on the wall of the Latino Cultural Center , where the doors are open for everyone. Everyone at the Latino Cultural Center is so welcoming!

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