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Maintaining a Good Work, School, and Personal Life Balance

Having a balanced schedule, will help you further your short-term and long-term goals and is important for you mentally and physically. If over book yourself or find yourself never doing much, there are ways to change that.

1. Setting Goals

Short-term or long-term goals are valuable for our everyday lives. When setting goals, you want to make sure they are SMART goals, as these help with motivation and achievement. S is specific, M is measurable, A is attainable, R is relevant, and T is time-bound. These goals help give you a long-term vision and short-term motivation. They help you organize your time and your resources.

2. What Do You Value Most?

It is important to determine what you value most on your schedule. This allows you to organize your time schedule around what you want to do first and for how long. Putting what you value most on the top of your to-do list will help you set your properties and have a well-balanced schedule.

3. Getting Organized

Be clear on what you need to do. Setting out what is important on your to-do list and simply making a checklist goes a long way. To do this, you need to give yourself time and space to fully organize yourself. In relation to what needs to get done on your schedule, it is helpful to decide what is important and what is urgent. Staying on top of things will be helpful in getting organized as well, because it ensures you will not fall behind on what you need to accomplish.

4. Good Time Management

Managing your time well will allow you to organize your schedule so that you are using your time effectively. Better time management will cause greater productivity, less stress, and overall organization. Purdue offers many resources for managing your time. One resource is a mortar board that you can buy from any bookstore. Another resource that Purdue offers is handouts that are located on the Academic Success Center website. Lastly, Purdue offers the Shovel App, that is a free planner app for all Purdue students.

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Academic Success Center Handouts:

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