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How to Research a Company like a Pro

Interviews can be overwhelming. There is much to consider such as what to wear, when to arrive, and much more that can make the whole process stressful. However, being knowledgeable about the company you are interviewing with should not be a stressor. Here are some tips and tricks to help you research a company and nail that interview.

  • Check Out The Company Website

Spend time looking not only as a possible employee but a customer as well. Look for things that would make you shop from them or that make you excited about the company. Then look for their values. Take a second to consider if their values align with yours. Formulate questions regarding the information you find on the website.

  • Social Media

Using social media to research the company can benefit you in many ways. Go to the company’s Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter pages and look for things like promotion of employees, stories, and other positive things that you can bring up in an interview. This means looking for things that you genuinely find interesting about the company or things their employees have done. Next, follow the company on LinkedIn. Not only will this show your interest in the company but will allow you to connect with members of that company and grow your network.

  • Formulate Quality Questions that Show You are Knowledgeable About the Company

You have researched the company’s website. You have visited the social media pages and connected with them on LinkedIn. Now what? Now you formulate questions that show the interviewer you are interested in the company and knowledgeable about the company as well. Start by stating what you know. For example, “I know your company values leadership.” This shows knowledge. Then follow up with a question that shows interest. Continuing with the example, “How do you promote leadership within the company?” Using a question format like this gives the interviewer a chance to share something about their company that they enjoy discussing while providing you with the information you seek.

  • Avoid Asking Questions with a “Dead End” Answer

Interviews are about the discussion. Avoid asking questions that have an obvious answer. These questions could include questions about pay, uniform if the interviewer enjoys working there, and more. These questions sometimes make situations awkward and most eliminate the natural flow of the interview. In general, avoid questions that can be found online or will naturally come about later in the interview process.

We hope this helps and as always boiler up!

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