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How to Not Get Discouraged While on the Job Search

Coming from a college senior, the job search is HARD, whether you are looking for internship experience or a full-time position. I can’t tell you how many times I have wanted to throw my hands up in the air in frustration. It is easy to get discouraged when your peers are constantly asking “What’s your plan this summer?” or “Do you have a job lined-up?” Well before you completely give up, keeping reading as I will share some tactics to help revaluate your approach while on the job hunt.

1. Take a Step Back

Why are you really discouraged? Is the job search taking longer than you anticipated? Do your peers already have jobs lined-up? Do you feel a lot of pressure? Ask yourself these questions to get in-tune with your feelings. Once you’ve done this, think of possible solutions to help lessen the anxiety. This could be as simple as positive self-talk, having a conversation with a mentor, or setting a deadline for yourself.

2. Ask for Feedback

This is what the CCO is for! Schedule an appointment to get your resume and/or cover letter reviewed. Slight changes and improvements to your resume can impact an employer’s decision to ask you back for an interview. You can schedule a job search appointment with the CCO as well. This would be beneficial as you can gain insight on what more you can do while on the job search.

3. Utilize Your Network!

LinkedIn becomes your best friend during your job search period. If you are eager to hear back from an employer, connect with individuals within the company on LinkedIn. A simple conversation can entice an employee to give a good word for you to the recruiter.

If you have no idea where to start while on the job search, think of friends or family members that have traction within a company. Your personal network can be extremely beneficial while searching for jobs!

4. Schedule Out Your Time

Are you only searching for jobs when it is convenient for you? It is easy to give up after about 20 minutes. With that being said, schedule out time in your week that allows you to only focus on your job search. Put all distractions aside and be strict about achieving a small goal that day. It can be beneficial to set a duration of time or a deadline for yourself, that way you are more likely to accomplish your goal.

5. What Is Your “Why?”

Why are you on the job search? Are you looking for a challenge? More experience? Land a job that will allow you to achieve your dreams? Your “why” can be your biggest motivation throughout your job search. When you are getting frustrated, think to yourself how exciting it will be when you do land that dream internship or job. All the hours that you put toward your job search will finally pay off!

I hope after reading this, you feel less discouraged on your job search. Your time will come and if you keep at it, you will be nothing but successful! If you need more guidance, schedule a Career Planning Virtual Appointment, Virtual Interview Practice through Big Interview, or a Quick Chat.

Best of luck,

Windle Fray

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