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How to Build Professional Confidence

Whether you are a soon-to-be graduate or just beginning your time here at Purdue, building professional confidence is important. Professional confidence is the ability to learn, grow and most importantly put yourself out there for opportunities. Continue reading this blog to learn more about building this characteristic.

  • Ask questions

f you were ever the person in class afraid to ask a question, we understand. Being unsure of something and having to admit to it by asking a question can be nerve-wracking. However, asking questions is more important than most people realize. Asking questions builds confidence from learning and encourages one to become comfortable with being unsure and seeking clarification. In a professional setting, this promotes growth, encourages positive work environments, and can build professional confidence.

  • Do not be afraid to make mistakes

Mistakes are learning opportunities. Adversity and perseverance are important personal and professional skills that you can build by working through mistakes. Remember everything that you do is an opportunity to learn and improve. It’s important to remember that mistakes are only learning lessons when you attempt to try again and improve.

  • Find a Mentor

Building confidence is not always a solo sport. Mentors can provide insight into your professional life based on their experience. They can help you grow through advice and recommendations. Mentors can help you build personal and professional skills and can help build career confidence in the long run. Mentors are great resources to have for encouragement. In your career, you may have times you feel discouraged and it is nice to have someone in your corner.

  • Believe in yourself

Seems redundant right? When we say believe in yourself we do not mean believe that you will do everything right without making mistakes. It means that you should believe in the fact that you can learn despite any mistakes. Believe that you can remain positive when you have to try again.

Overall, confidence is not about being right all the time. Rather, it is about being comfortable making mistakes, trying again, and learning from them. The workplace, or even the classroom, Can provide perfect opportunities to learn these skills that help you become the best professional you.

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