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Holiday Mode: Activated

This is the moment we’ve all been waiting for, a long break from school! I’m looking forward to seeing family for Thanksgiving and getting some much-needed rest. Personally, my to do list from November 25th to January 18th includes sleeping in every morning and checking my email maayybeee once a week. Hold UP! Wait a minute! We still have school after Thanksgiving?! I can’t sleep in for 2 months? You mean we still have to prepare and take finals from home….AFTER Thanksgiving?!

My natural response would be along the lines of, “Absolutely not! There is no way I am doing finals from home…I’m in full holiday mode, the last thing I am thinking about is physics or calculus.”

As all students know, the final two weeks of the fall semester will take place virtually following Thanksgiving break. As tempting as it sounds to throw in the towel and write off virtual finals as a big fat L. It is important to not slip into holiday mode without even thinking about your classes or upcoming finals. As a busy college student myself, I’m here to offer up a few key tips to pass all of your final exams with flying colors.


My go to strategy for overcoming daily procrastination is setting a routine that is productive and manageable. When strategizing your weekly schedule consider studying ahead of time rather than cramming for a final at the last minute. Planning out how and when you will be studying and taking finals can relieve the built-up pressure of finals week.


By creating a designated space for schoolwork, your virtual transition will be a lot smoother. Your work environment can have a big impact on your brain recognizing when you are in school mode versus relaxation mode. As tempting as it is to do your exams from the comfort of your bed it is important to create some sort of desk space to maximize your productivity.


With classes going virtual for the final two weeks of class you will be missing out on in-person follow ups with professors. I would encourage you to check in with professors to see where you stand in the class. It is critical to develop an open line of communication for questions in the final weeks of the semester. Virtual communication can be tough, but consistency is key when communicating with professors remotely.


Being at home and potentially surrounded by family can be stressful when balancing family activities and studying for finals. Keep in mind your family’s schedule when setting your daily routine of prepping for finals.

Communicating with your family about your workload and priorities for the final weeks of virtual classes will give your family a better understanding of your availability.

Overall, don’t forget to enjoy your Thanksgiving break, but keep in mind that finals are right around the corner. Take some time to relax and unwind and be ready to boiler up and hammer down on finals!

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