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Getting your Resume in the “Yes” Pile

For most, the job searching process is not an easy task. It takes hours networking at career fairs, perfecting resumes, and applying to dozens of job postings. Even with all these hours committed to finding the perfect job, many find themselves with a rejection email in their inbox without ever talking to a company representative.

So how do Boilermakers get into that “Yes” pile and move on to the interview process? There is no easy way to guarantee job search success, but here are a few tips and strategies that can increase your chances of getting an interview.

Customize your Resume

Did you know that it’s smart to have multiple versions of your resume? Now, I know that this is the last thing any job searching student wants to hear. It can take hours to create one resume, so why would anyone voluntarily want to create more than one? The reason is that the first cut of applicants is sometimes not made by a person but by a computer.

You heard me. The reason you may have a rejection letter in your inbox is because you got cut by a computer program. This may not sound comforting but let me explain how this works and what actions Boilermakers can take so their resume lands in that “Yes” pile.

Computers can be used to determine which resumes best match the job description. This is where your customized resume comes in handy. You don’t have to change your whole resume, but by modifying certain words to better to match the keywords on job postings, you can significantly increase your chances of getting interviews. Although these changes may seem small, they can make all the difference.


I am 99% sure you have heard this before, but I can’t emphasize how important networking is. Creating strong connections, especially with employees within the companies you are applying for, can help you get an interview. These people can become powerful allies that can notify you of job openings and help get your resume in the right hands.

When filling out a job application, there may even be a question about how you heard about this position, or if you have any connections within the company. In this situation, you might be able to put down the name of the person you networked with. Just make sure you ask for permission, so that it’s not a surprise as they may need to advocate for you in the future.

Provide Additional Documents

Some job applications take forever to fill out. So, when you reach the additional documents section, it can be so tempting to skip it. But please don’t give in to this temptation! This section gives you another great opportunity to share why you are the perfect candidate for this position. Whether it be cover letters, portfolios, or other documents, these all give you the chance to further highlight your skills and experiences.

Please make sure to double-check your documents before attaching them. If you use the same documents for multiple job postings, make sure you change any company names or job posting specifics. The last thing you want is your cover letter addressed to the wrong company!

Need some help with your resume? Set up a quick chat appointment online through BoilerConnect or call (765)494-3981. You can also get your resume reviewed through our on-demand resource, VMock, to receive customized feedback.

For a full list of the CCO's resources and services visit our website.

From one Boilermaker to another,

Good Luck

Jordan Ingraham

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