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Follow-Up Email Etiquette

Picture this: you’ve just wrapped up an interview for a summer internship. Now what? There are some actionable things you can be doing after your interview to stand out. A follow-up email is the best way to continue communication with your potential employer after your interview!

Follow-up emails can be a great tool to help you stand out as a candidate for the role you just interviewed for. This post will give you a great sense of direction when formatting your follow-up emails as well as ensuring that your writing consists of quality content.

Drafting the Email

Here are a few tips to keep in mind as you draft your follow-up email:

1. Introduction

The introduction should consist of greeting your interviewer and thanking them for their time. A proper introduction will not only help the interviewer remember who you are, but it will also show that you are professional and are taking this interaction seriously.

2. Meaningful Connection

This will be the bulk of the content for your email and you can approach writing this section in two ways. Either way, make sure that you reference the conversation you had with your interviewer. This will personalize your email and give the interviewer another opportunity to remember the conversations you had.

Approach #1:

Was there a particularly interesting talking point that you touched on with your interviewer? Think back to your interview, was there something on your resume that intrigued your interviewer? These moments are good to bring up for this section and you can let your interviewer know that you really enjoyed that particular conversation.

Approach #2:

Did you learn some new information about the role during your interview? Connecting your skills to any new information that you learned during your interview gives you another opportunity to show that you are a good fit for the role.

This should not be a running list of your skills. Instead, focus on one or two meaningful experiences that showcase your competency in a certain skill that they are looking for in a candidate. Take this chance to set yourself apart from other candidates.

3. Additional Questions

Here is where you can ask any lingering questions you may still have about the role. If you have anything to clarify as well, this is the opportunity to ask those questions.


Thank your interviewer once again, show your excitement in the role and company, and let them know you are looking forward to hearing back from them.

Don’t Forget These

1. Email Subject

Having a subject title for an email showcases your professionalism. Don’t leave it out!

2. Signature

Always close your emails with a signature! Not only does it wrap up the conversation, but it also shows that you are professional.

3. Proofread

The last thing you want in a follow-up email is spelling mistakes! Make sure you proofread your work before you hit send.

4. Timeliness

Be timely with your follow-up email. Try to send it 1-2 days after you had your interview so that conversations are still fresh in your interviewer’s mind.

We hope you find these tips useful in drafting your own follow-up emails after interviews this job/internship application season.

If you need more guidance, you can always schedule a quick chat with the CCO through Boiler Connect. We are always here and happy to help!

As always, Boiler Up!

Supreet Thiara

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