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First Destination Survey

No matter where you are in the career planning process, the First Destination Survey offers valuable information on what students plan on doing after graduation. From employment to further education, Boilermakers can be found in any industry and any field. Each year the Purdue CCO asks graduates to complete the First Destination Survey which collects data about details about student’s plans after graduation. This data is critical in the University's annual report and also offers a useful resource for students and employers.

Graduating Seniors:

Congratulations on graduation! We are so excited to learn about your post-graduation plans and we wish you all the best in your future endeavors. Whether you have accepted a job, still job searching, accepted into a graduate program, or have not made a decision, we want to know. Share your plans with us and take the survey here! This survey takes less than 5 minutes. Your successes will inspire underclassmen, assist current students with negotiation, and allow employers to offer competitive salaries for future graduates. This information is strictly confidential and released information will never identify specific students.

Current and Prospective Students:

Are you thinking about negotiating your job offer? Not sure what career paths are possible for you? Just curious what Boilermakers are doing after graduation? The data from this survey offers valuable information that can help you in your career planning process. Whether you're currently unsure what industry to go into, wondering what the average salary is in your major, or curious what states students are going to for graduate school, let us help you answer those questions.

Ways to Use the Data Dashboard (

  • Learn about the average salary in your major, position, industry, and use it as a resource in the negotiation process.

  • See which employers have hired Boilermakers and which employers hire students in your major.

  • Learn about the different industries that students go into and are popular amongst Boilermakers.

  • Boilermakers work all over the world, see where they go for employment and further education.

Plans After Graduation

A five-year trend visualizing the breakdown of students on their plans after graduation. This includes employment, continuing education, seeking employment, seeking education, and others.

Average Salary

A five-year trend showing the average salary. Filter down by Year, School, Major, Gender, and/or Residency.

Employment Locations by State

The number of students who moved to each state for employment.

Graduate School Locations by State

The number of students who moved to each state for graduate school.

Number of Internships

The number of internships students have had before graduation.

Top Industries for Purdue Hires

Industries that Boilermakers are hired into.

Top 25 Employers

Top 25 companies that Boilermakers have or will be working for.

Other data available on the dashboard ( include:

Doctor of Pharmacy

Summary data for Doctor of Pharmacy.

Doctor of Veterinary Medicine

Summary data for Doctor of Veterinary Medicine.

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