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Finding that "Just Right" Job after Graduation

So you are a soon-to-be graduate, or just someone looking to the future? You are thinking about your dream career but lacking the experience to jump straight to the top. You are wondering where to start and how to select the perfect job after graduation. No worries follow the steps below to ease your fears.

First things first, job applications and career fairs. Networking while still in college is essential in creating meaningful connections that will help you succeed later in life. Career fairs specifically are a great way to ask questions and learn as much as you can about your industry before becoming a working individual. Recruiters and employers can provide you with insights into where they place recent graduates as well as give you an idea if their company would be a good fit for you. Applying for jobs is a great way to see what is out there for your industry. However, be cautious because over-applying can be confusing and be counterproductive.

The second thing to do is look at people who graduated before you in your industry. This could be people you know or someone on LinkedIn. Reach out and ask these people questions about their experiences. These people whether they be friends, alumni or possible coworkers can provide you with information that can help you decide if that is a good job for you.

Do not rush yourself or let yourself be rushed. Do not allow yourself to settle into the mindset of “I was lucky to get a job at all”. Shift your mindset to think “I am lucky to have a choice, let me carefully consider then decide.” This mindset is crucial in making good decisions that you will not regret later. That being said do not put off the recruiter or employer too long because that will not set you up for success should you accept.

Finally, remember your dream and think, would accepting this position help you get there? Does this company offer chances for advancement or would this position make you more qualified for one further down the road? Examine your priorities and decide what is important to you. Ask yourself, does this company’s values align with mine?

Overall, this process is about finding what is right for you and what is important for you in a career. To find this information, look to possible companies, to your peers, and within yourself. Take your time and do not allow yourself to get stressed. If you need more career guidance visit the CCO Website for a full list of services.

As Always Boiler Up!

Gabrielle Reed

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