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Boilermaker Alumni are Building a Better World at Caterpillar | Matt Selvey

Engineering plays a big role in many students' lives here at Purdue. This is also true for Matt Selvey, a 2002 Electrical Engineering Graduate from Purdue. Matt was a committed student who had a passion for giving back to others through his involvement in Habitat for Humanity.

Matt also was a Residents Assistant for his last couple of years at Purdue, he said, “Counseling a floor of 50+ undergrads that were starting the journey that I was finishing up, was the highlight of my Purdue experience.” Many of the skills Matt picked up from Purdue were directly transferable into his entry-level position, as an Electrical Design Engineer for Caterpillar Mining and Construction Equipment.

Matt has made an amazing career for himself with Caterpillar over the last 19 years. One of his favorite aspects of Caterpillar is their dedication and commitment to offering a diverse range of job opportunities, he goes on to say, “The diversity of job opportunities and divisions within Caterpillar and the people are phenomenal.”

Matt has had firsthand experience in continuous growth within several different roles during his career. While he loved the engineering world, Caterpillar enabled him to move into a technical marketing career path which opened opportunities to work directly with customers on solving their complex problems. He went from a Product Support Manager for engines, to an Electric Power Sales Manager, to a Sales Operations Manager. His current role is a Strategy Manager that leads key initiatives connecting Caterpillar’s strategy with CAT dealerships globally.

Matt thoroughly enjoys his work, he explains, “The experiences offered at Caterpillar are unparalleled. I’ve gone from designing equipment to supporting installations on mega yachts, to designing electric power systems for the world’s largest data centers, to enabling technology for fleets of mining trucks to run autonomously. In this, I’ve seen the world, worked with very leading-edge industries, and developed lifelong mentors that have propelled my life.”

It is without a doubt Caterpillar offers a wide range of opportunities for professional experience and growth. As students, it’s important to consider applying to companies that have flexible and ever-changing job opportunities.

When asked what Matt’s piece of life advice would be for us Boilermakers, Matt expressed, “Be open to change and seek advice. Having a plan is necessary, but by staying open to new variables, you’ll find that some flexibility will enable the personal and professional growth that you’ve always expected.” Keeping an open mind and being adaptable to change is an important quality in overcoming obstacles in every aspect of your life.

Does Matt’s Caterpillar experience sound like your dream career? Are you ready to grow personally and professionally through real-world projects that make an impact?

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