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Boilermaker Alumni are Building a Better World at Caterpillar

The CCO was given the opportunity to connect with Boilermaker Alumni that are now living their mission to help customers build a better world through Caterpillar. Susan Green and Megan McHale offer valuable insights about their personal experiences at Purdue and explain their journey with Caterpillar.

Becoming a global leader in manufacturing of construction and mining equipment, diesel and natural gas engines, industrial gas turbines and diesel-electric locomotives is no small task. It takes a community of extremely dedicated employees that are united by a set of core values. With the Purdue Grit we all know and love, these Purdue Alumni help build the world we live in, through their work at Caterpillar.

Are you interested in helping build a better world through Caterpillar?

Check out Caterpillar’s Career offerings and continue reading to learn more about these Purdue Alumni’s experiences!

Megan McHale – Rotational Development Program

As a 2020 graduate of Purdue, Megan McHale was in your shoes as a Boilermaker not too long ago. Megan graduated with a degree in Industrial Engineering, she was also a member of Alpha Phi Sorority and the Women in Engineering Program. When asked what her favorite memory from Purdue was, she remarked, “it would have to be when the basketball team went to the Elite Eight in March Madness.”

When asked why she applied to Caterpillar Megan said, “I always had an interest in the manufacturing industry and loved the idea of working in such a fast-paced environment. Caterpillar has always been a leader in the industry and is well known for their positive company culture, so it seemed like a great place to develop and grow as an engineer.” After a successful parallel co-op with Caterpillar Megan started full time in Caterpillar’s Rotational Development Program. Megan explained the program, “I will rotate through 3 positions in 3 years: 1 year in manufacturing engineering, 1 year in a cross functional role, and 1 year in operations supervision.” Enjoying her position at Caterpillar and developing as an Engineer has been her favorite part about working at Caterpillar, she explains, “My favorite thing about Caterpillar is the environment they have created for growth. I have been in my current role for 4 months and have learned more in these past few months than I ever thought possible. Management makes it a priority to invest in their young talent and has given me an amazing support system to grow.” The rotational development program is a great way to challenge yourself in a fast-paced environment and learn key lessons through real world experiences.

When asked what one piece of advice she would pass down to Boilermakers Megan remarked, “College is about more than just your GPA. Of course, good grades matter, but the most important life skills are those that you learn outside the classroom. Make sure that you are taking the time to develop relationships, build your network, and enjoy your time as a Boilermaker. Boiler Up!” Dialing in on those soft skills and building relationships within college is a crucial step in developing yourself as a professional.

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Susan Green – Paving Territory Manager

Susan Green is a 2002 Purdue Grad who received a BS in Agricultural and Biological Engineering with an emphasis on Machine Systems Design. Among her amazing academic achievements, she was also a member of Tri Delta Sorority, the Society of Women Engineering, and the American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineering. When thinking back on some of her favorite memories at Purdue she explained, “I have many great memories, but the fall always makes me think of going to football games and the lawnmower winterization service project that ASABE would do.”

Susan began her Caterpillar journey by first considering where she could grow her engineering career and she knew Caterpillar was the place to do it! Currently, Susan’s role of Paving Territory manager gives her the responsibilities for Caterpillar’s Paving Equipment’s sales and service for three CAT dealers in the Midwest. When asked what she enjoys most about Caterpillar she replied, “The number one thing I enjoy most about my career with Caterpillar is how much fun it’s been to use my core skills and strengths, and to learn about new industries and excel in areas, like paving, that I never thought I would be working in.” As students on the job search it’s important to keep an open mind when applying for a position. Susan would have never expected to be working in paving but she is thriving!

When asked what life advice Susan would like to pass along to Boilermakers Susan remarked, “My Dad always said there are two sides to every story. I’ve found that having empathy towards other people, even a little, helps you to hear all sides of a story and make better decisions.” It is important now more than ever to foster an inclusive community and Susan’s advice to practice empathy is a great first step in the right direction.

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Caterpillar offers several job positions for you to make in impact in Building a Better world. If you are ready to take your career to the next step and are ready for a program that will challenge you in becoming the best version of yourself professionally I would encourage you to apply.

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