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Online Interviewing Tips

Have online classes and meetings left you scrambling to find decent Wi-Fi connection? As virtual career fairs are approaching, it is important to ensure that your virtual interview is not a technical nightmare! Although online interviews may feel a little different, there is still preparation that is needed. Read further to see how you can make your virtual interview a successful experience!

1. Check your Wi-Fi

The last thing you want is for your Wi-Fi to go out in the middle of the interview! If you Google, “Internet Speed Test” it can check the stability of the Wi-Fi in any room. If the Wi-Fi is iffy, move to a different space for a better chance of your Wi-Fi holding up during the interview.

2. Use the Mute Button

On most online platforms, you have the option to mute yourself if the employer is talking for a long period of time. If your roommates are being loud, your dog is barking, or if there is any other background noise, it can be muted! However, you should try your best to find a quiet space if available to you. Just remember to turn off your mute button when you start talking, or else you will just be talking to yourself!

3. Look into the Camera

I know how tempting it can be to look at your screen to make sure you look okay, but remember to look into the camera when you are talking! Otherwise, it looks like you are looking down instead of maintaining eye contact with the interviewer.

4. Mind your Background

Is your room messy from a busy week? Be sure to schedule a time to clean it beforehand. You do not want to portray an unorganized image to the employer, when he/she sees a week’s worth of clothes spread across your floor. Even if you pull the “just throw everything in a corner,” so the employer is unable to see the clutter, it will appear that you have come prepared. But, you should probably clean your space at some point—just a suggestion!

5. Practice with the Platform

Is it your first time using this platform? I have definitely made the mistake before of not learning the platform before an interview. It was overwhelming and not an ideal situation. Ask a friend to help practice with you, or even ask them to walk you through it. That way you are familiar with the technology, and do not have to worry about figuring out the platform the day of.

6. Silence your Notifications

If your group messages are blowing up, the interviewer will be able to hear the ring from your computer. It is so important that you turn your notifications off! This includes e-mail as well. It can be distracting to both you and the employer. Would you ever bring a non-silenced phone into an interview? I hope not!

7. Check the Lighting in the Room

Find the best place to take a picture within your space and set up camp there. It is best to sit facing a window, rather than one being behind you. If your back is towards a window you will look like a shadow, so the interviewer will have a hard time seeing you! You want the employer to see your facial expressions, especially with the interview being online because it is challenging to grasp non-verbal cues when you are not sitting in front of someone.

All in all, go into the interview prepared and with confidence! If you need more interviewing practice, check out Big Interview. This will give you the opportunity to partake in a mock interview. Click this link to learn more:

Another way to you can prepare, is watch the CCO’s Tips for Interviewing video. Watch here:

If you can’t seem to find a quiet place, be sure to check out the available resources at the CCO. You have the ability to reserve a room to ensure there will be no distractions during your interview. For more information, click this link:

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