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You Asked, They Answered: Advice for Students

The CCO reached out to our employer partners with some of the questions we’ve received from undergraduate and graduate students since the start of the pandemic. Read on to learn what our employer partners are saying!

To close out our series of “You Asked, They Answered” we wanted to end with what advice employers would give to students during this time as students are going into Fall 2020.

If there is ONE piece of advice or  encouragement  you could give students, what would it be? 

One of our employer partners said, “During these trying times it’s best to be optimistic and network, network, network! The people you meet today might have more impact on your future than you know.”

Alexis Cohen with Eli Lilly reminds students, “Don’t get discouraged because of the unknown. The skillsets you’ve developed thus far navigating a virtual academic world, and the experiences you’ve gained as a result of this, will be a valuable addition to the ever-changing workforce. Keep an open mind and take advantage of the opportunities that come your way.”

Carli Isgrigg, representing Oracle, tells students, “Be open to opportunities you would not have thought you wanted to do before. Don’t be afraid to ask questions. Be open, don’t give up, and keep trying. The right door is going to open for you.

GE University Relations Leader Tony Denhart says, “Don’t give up. Open up your view for additional opportunities. You probably have your sights set on a couple of jobs, but take a step back and add more to your list. Instead of narrowing down your view, open it up.”


As this is the final post in the, “You Asked, Answered” series, we wanted to end with a reminder of what CCO services are available to students.

New for Fall 2020 are Quick Chats! Quick Chats are available either in person or virtually, Monday through Friday 1 pm to 4 pm, where students can talk with a CCO representative to ask questions and/or get their professional documents reviewed. In order to schedule an in person Quick Chat, you will need to schedule through BoilerConnect. To access the virtual Quick Chats, students will need login to BoilerConnect anytime between 1 pm to 4 pm to be able sign up for a slot. The virtual Quick Chats are offered on a first come, first served basis.

Students can also schedule appointments to meet with a Career Services Consultant. These appointments can be made via BoilerConnect. Check out our website to see a complete list of available appointment topics.

Be sure to check out our YouTube channel for tips on resumes, interviewing, networking, job searching, and CVs.

Best of luck with the semester and Boiler Up!

Questions: Email or call 765-494-3981.

The Center for Career Opportunities would like to thank our 21stCentury Partners for taking the time to answer our questions, especially Eli Lilly, General Electric, PepsiCo, and Oracle. To see a list of our 21stCentury Partners click here.

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