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You Asked, They Answered: COVID-19 Effect on Employers

The CCO reached out to our employer partners with some of the questions we’ve received from undergraduate and graduate students since the start of the pandemic. Read on to learn what our employer partners are saying!

Today we are focusing on how companies were able to pivot in dealing with the pandemic and what challenges employers face during this time. This post sheds light on how employers were impacted so that students can have a better understanding of the world of work. Our 21st Century Partners helped us in answering these questions, specifically, GE and Oracle.

What are the ways in which your organization is already pivoting to deal with this situation? Do you have plans/ideas for future pivots? Can you speculate on what is possible, whether or not  you/your company are able to do  this  themselves?  

Employers have had to adjust their spending and resources to ensure that their company is set up to weather the different financial storms caused by Covid-19. For some companies, that means that recruiting is a lower priority as they deal with converting processes to remote and virtual work. These companies understand the importance of recruiting and seek to continue to promote their brand on campus so that they are able to recruit high quality students (from Purdue) once opportunities become available.

GE was able to pivot by converting from 1,000 summer interns and co-ops being 100% on-site to being 80% virtual and only 20% on-site, and making virtual internships meaningful experiences for their interns. In looking at the future, GE is finding ways to make virtual recruiting this Fall rewarding for students. They have held several virtual events already, showing what they are working on at GE, and look to continue those events. GE is excited to collaborate with various academic partners to make Fall a successful recruiting season.

Other companies had a slight leg up due to some processes already being virtual. Oracle has been doing virtual interviews even before the pandemic, but still had to navigate the switch to remote work with their newest summer interns and full-time hires. Oracle was able to retain everyone in this group. They implemented a 12 week virtual training for their new hires and utilized Zoom for their interns.

What are some of the biggest challenges employers are facing as they look into this virtual recruitment space?

The biggest challenge that employers discussed is getting their organizations prepared. This includes training on virtual platforms to ensure teams have all the resources and knowledge they need to be successful in their different positions. Employers also want to ensure that students have a good experience interacting with companies virtually.


The CCO would like to remind you of the resources we have available for you!

  • Read the first post in this ‘You asked, they answered’ series, where GE University Relations Leader, Tony Denhart, gives specific advice about preparing for virtual recruitment this Fall.

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The Center for Career Opportunities would like to thank our 21stCentury Partners for taking the time to answer our questions, especially General Electric and Oracle. To see a list of our 21stCentury Partners click here.

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