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You Asked, They Answered: Tips for Fall 2020

The CCO reached out to our employer partners with some of the questions we’ve received from undergraduate and graduate students since the start of the pandemic. Read on to learn what our employer partners are saying!

Today, we share information from Tony Denhart, University Relations Leader at GE.

What tips do you have for students who will be returning this Fall and will be looking for internship or fulltime opportunities? Any special tips for the virtual recruitment process?

Tony had three useful and practical pieces of advice for all students at Purdue.

1.) START NOW. The pandemic is not a good reason to postpone your career planning. Yes, most recruitment and interactions will be virtual and, in fact, GE has committed to being 100% virtual for the near future. But everything else stays the same. So, be proactive and not reactive! Additionally, because everything will be virtual, companies will rely more and more on “targeted sourcing.” That means they will rely more on established recruitment pipelines (like Purdue University!) and platforms (like myCCO!) so make sure you access career services on your campus. So, Tony suggests:

  • Make sure your resume is updated, and uploaded to your myCCOaccount.

  • Leverage the CCO for its resources and stay connected with them!

2.) PREPARE and PRACTICE. If you agree with that first idea, that you should start right away, then the next useful piece of advice is the how. Basically, by preparing and practicing! Tony recommends that you:

  • Identify companies of interest, and conduct employer research!

  • Develop and refine your elevator pitch.

  • Have you explored the emerging world of ‘micro internships’? They offer a viable way to continue professional development.

  • Take the initiative to apply your skills in the real world wherever possible. For example, reach out to a local nonprofit and offer them your skills! They benefit from your skillset, and you get experience to add to your resume.

  • Maximize your use of LinkedIN. Use it to conduct company research, reach out to Purdue alumni and industry contacts. Make sure that you put some thought behind the messaging when you start reaching out to people! [Don’t send connection requests without a note!] Express clear interest in the function or the company, and have a clear ask.

  • And, to help with the virtual recruiting that you can expect this Fall, familiarize yourself with the common virtual platforms. Platforms like Zoom, Skype, Microsoft Teams etc. will be used not just for interviewing, but also for info-sessions and career fairs. Set up free accounts, whenever possible, and get comfortable using them!

3.) EMPLOYERS ARE LEARNING WITH YOU. This pandemic has affected all of us. Employers are pivoting and rising to the challenges, and so are candidates! Remember that we are all in this together. For example, you will probably face a technical glitch or two during your recruitment process, and both you and the recruiter will figure it out together. Take it in your stride, and keep moving forward.


The CCO would like to remind you of the resources we have available for you!

Questions: Email or call 765-494-3981.

The Center for Career Opportunities would like to thank our 21stCentury Partners for taking the time to answer our questions. To see a list of our 21stCentury Partners click here.

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