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Going Online: Virtual Professional Development

Boilermakers, you’ve heard it before, we have never gone through anything quite like this in modern history. We are undoubtedly going through an odd season as college students at the moment. Whether you’re dealing with the disappointment of your freshmen year being cut short, going through the struggle of planning a celebration around a virtual graduation, or somewhere in between, we all are experiencing some pretty odd times.

There is one shining light keeping us all together during “social distancing” and that is TECHNOLOGY. Love it or hate it, our devices are keeping us connected and potentially productive while we are stuck in the confines of our own homes. If you can make it past the distraction of looking up cat videos for hours or participating in Zoom calls with now long-distance friends, there are professional development opportunities that await you!


Online Resume Reviews

Don’t let your resume go to the wayside during this time! Take the opportunity to spruce up your resume and receive feedback on what you have so far.


  • Email a copy of your resume to the CCO email and we will get you connected with one of our Peer Consultants or Career Counselors for a FREE resume review. It’s the beauty of visiting YONG 132 all in the comfort of your own home!

  • Interested in a virtual call to discuss your resume? Keep reading to learn about our Virtual Career Counseling appointments

  • VMock

  • Want instant feedback? VMock provides FREE resume review services to Purdue students and alumni. Submit your resume on the website and learn about ways that you can improve and stand out to potential employers. CLICK HERE to access VMock!

Virtual Career Fairs

Some career fairs are still happening, just in a different format! Put on a business professional top and keep on the sweatpants as you meet and network with recruiters. Each virtual career fair set up may be slightly different so be sure to research policies and procedures well before the event. Check out the Purdue sponsored career fairs still happening this year below:

  • Hire Big10+ Virtual Career Fair (4/14)

  • Colleges from the Big 10 Conference and a few others are partnering up for this FREE virtual career fair. Have the opportunity to participate in live chats with a wide array of companies. For more information and to register CLICK HERE.

  • Just in Time Job Fair (4/22)

  • The CCO’s Just In Time Job Fair is VIRTUAL this year! Network with employers, ask questions to company representatives, and view available positions. CLICK HERE to learn more about the companies attending and how to register.

  • Stay updated on events on the CCO calendar

  • Check the CCO calendar as career fairs are adjusted.

Virtual Career Counseling Appointments

Need to talk through your career plans or a change in internship status? Are you still deciding on a career or major? Our wonderful Career Counselors are still available for meetings with Purdue students and alumni. They can help guide you through this time of online job searching. Schedule a FREE virtual appointment through BoilerConnect.


LinkedIn is a fabulous resource that lets you connect with employers and fellow job seekers! Whether you are getting your account set up or working on expanding your network, this is a great use of time and perfect opportunity to grow professionally. This platform is also a great source for understanding that we are in this time of “social distancing” together. You are not alone in your job or internship search!

Online Internships/Micro-internships

Don’t let this time of uncertainty put a damper on your job search. There are still opportunities available! Some organizations are offering remote internships or short-term internships called micro-internships. Companies are making efforts to adjust with the changing times and are still wanting to work with new talent. This could even be a time that you explore a new career path through one of these opportunities! Continually check myCCO, LinkedIn, and Indeed for these types of roles.

  • Parker Dewey

  • Sign up for this FREE resource that can get you connected with a micro-internship ranging from 5-40 hours and allows you to develop professional networks, explore career paths, and demonstrate your skills. CLICK HERE to explore this resource!


Don’t forget that we are in this together Boilermakers. Purdue has already made incredible steps in adjusting to this new normal. The CCO is prepared to help you through navigating the job market and talking through your career plans. We are here for you! Take advantage of these online resources and make the most of your time.

Stay positive and stay safe Boilermakers. We can’t wait to see your faces on campus come Fall 2020. But for now, we leave you with an enthusiastic and “social distancing” approved…


- Lilli Cole

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