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Get to Know the Office: Meet Skylar Clingan!

Here at the CCO, we encourage students to take full advantage of the professional development opportunities found on campus. Some of our most valuable resources are our Peer Consultants! All of our Peer Consultants are Purdue undergraduate students who have a keen eye for resumes, cover letters and interview advice. You can find these friendly faces in Young Hall, Room 132 during our Drop-in hours, Monday - Friday from 10am-4pm.

Before you sit down with one of these great individuals, we want to introduce you to them! First up is Peer Consultant Supervisor, Skylar Clingan.


What year are you and what are you studying?

Senior, Animal Sciences and Agricultural Education

How long have you been working at the CCO?

This is my fourth year working at the CCO

Describe your journey. Where did you start at the CCO and how did you get to the position you are in today?

I was recruited at the end of my freshman year as a Peer Consultant. I loved the experience so much that I returned as a Peer Consultant for a second year.

From there I was promoted to Supervisor so that I could utilize my experience to help train a new class of PC's. This year I serve as a returning supervisor.

What are your responsibilities? What does a Peer Consultant Supervisor do?

In my role as the returning Supervisor, I get to oversee the 2nd year PC's and assist the CCO with other special projects as needed.

What have you learned about resumes and professionalism through this position?

Everything I know about resumes and professionalism I have learned through the CCO.

What is your favorite part of your job?

My favorite part is getting to train the trainers and help our Peer Consultant staff be better able to serve Purdue students.

What is one piece of advice you would give Purdue students?

GO TO THE CCO! It sounds cliche, but it is the most helpful advice that I can give. The CCO has such a diverse array of ways that we serve students that just stopping in can be the first step to propelling your career forward.


You heard it from Skylar himself, stop by the Center for Career Opportunities and visit our Peer Consultants! Our team is ready to help you with any resume, cover letter, and/or interview questions you may have.

As Always,


Lilli Cole

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