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4 Reasons to Attend an Information Session

Purdue University Career Fair

Welcome back to campus Boilermakers! Who else feels like life is moving 100 miles a minute right now? Just a few weeks ago we were all (hopefully) enjoying sleeping in and soaking up that summer sun. The months of August and September are jam-packed with getting adjusted at school, figuring out your schedule, and catching up with friends.

On top of this, it is prime career fair season with the SMEF career fair and Industrial Roundtable being just around the corner with many others to follow (check the CCO calendar for the full list!). Now is the time to start thinking about an internship for next summer or even landing that first job. The amount of companies on campus and job leads on myCCO can be overwhelming. Googling a company can only get you so far and provide you with so much information. On-campus information sessions are a great way to put your best foot forward and learn about a company you could potentially be working for. Read on to discover 4 reasons to attend an information session.


Get to Know the Recruiters

Information sessions provide a great opportunity to learn about the people who could be interviewing you for positions. It can really take the edge off of the interview process. Having an idea of who you will be speaking with can calm some of your pre-interview nerves. This is your chance to learn about recruiter’s personalities and display your own! These conversations are more natural and can be less intimidating than a formal interview.

These sessions can be especially helpful around career fairs. I attended multiple sessions surrounding the SMEF career fair. Most recruiters at the information sessions asked if I was attending the career fair and suggested that I should stop by and speak with them or another representative.

Learn About Available Positions

The sessions typically begin with the recruiters giving a general overview of the company then speaking about available positions within the company. They also dive further into the requirements for certain positions and the qualities that they are looking for in a candidate. Recruiters can provide more information on certain aspects of a position and may help suggest positions to apply for. No one knows a job better than the people who have held the position or one that is similar!

In my experience attending an information session, the recruiter asked me about my career aspirations and experience then suggested positions that I should look into.

Experience the Company Culture

Anyone can read the mission statement of a company and understand what their desired company culture is but information sessions provide the opportunity to view it firsthand. During these sessions, you can observe how employees interact with each other and understand if they are truly living out the culture described on their company website or profile.

Ask Questions

Information sessions are the perfect opportunity to ask any and all questions you may have regarding the company and position. Speaking face-to-face with recruiters allows you to have honest conversations and understand their passion behind what they do.

Example Questions

  • Does your company hire continually or seasonally?

  • What kind of entry-level positions are typically available with your company?

  • What do you enjoy most about the company/your career?

  • What qualities are you looking for in a candidate?


If a company that you are interested in comes on campus and is willing to speak with students… GO! Taking the initiative to go to these events is a great example of your interest in a company and can put you at an advantage with recruiters.

Good luck during this career season Boilermakers. We know that you’ll make your own #giantleaps and continue the great tradition of success!

As always,


- Lilli Cole

To see all the latest and great information sessions coming to campus visit the CCO Event Calendar, follow us on social media, and check out the latest version of the Inside Track!

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