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Get to Know the Office: Meet Kaletra!


Wrapping up our "Get to Know the Office" feature is Kaletra. She has lots of experience speaking with students about potential career paths and personal development during her time as a Career Services Consultant. Learn about her time at the CCO and the career advice she wants to share with all those looking for their own career path!


How long have you been at the CCO?

13 years

What is one of your favorite aspects about your job?

One of my favorite aspects is connecting with CCO campus partners to identify ways to help us interact with students more effectively and share best practices.

What is your favorite thing about Purdue?

I love walking through campus in the Fall when the leaves are turning!! It is breath-taking.

What is a piece of career/life advice that you want to give to Purdue students?

If you have an interest, gather as much information as you can by talking to people who do it and try it out to see the possibilities.

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