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Get to Know the Office: Meet Rose!


This week on "Get to Know the Office" we want you to meet Rose! She specializes in career consulting

for our campus' international students. I sat down with Rose and discussed her favorite things about Purdue and her time at the CCO.


How long have you been at the CCO?

4.5 years

What is one of your favorite aspects about your job?

We value students and regard them as our primary constituency.

What is your favorite thing about Purdue?

My favorite thing about Purdue is the hard-working and professional (yet family-like) environment at the CCO.

What is a piece of career/life advice that you want to give to Purdue students?

Accept and love yourself. When you have doubts about yourself, reflect on the moments of your previous success. Career development is a long journey and it’s okay if you don’t get you dream job right after graduation.

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