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Purdue CCO Launches New Podcast

On Thursday, January 17, the Center for Career Opportunities at Purdue University is launching a brand new podcast titled, "The Success Express." Inspired by Purdue students, The Success Express is intended to spur students towards success in whatever their career journey might entail. Every episode features an esteemed guest, usually a Purdue student, recruiter, or alumnus, and they discuss questions that today's students and job-seekers are asking. The majority of the episodes' topics focus on job interview strategies, internships, networking, and how to put your best foot forward in college and after. Hard questions will be tackled like “How do I create a competitive resume as a freshman?” or “How do I smoothly transition from undergrad to my first job?” Guests share advice, personal experiences, lessons-learned, and so much more.

The first episode of the series is "Dealing With Rejection: How to Get Hired at NASA". Hear one of Purdue's very own aeronautical engineers explain how he persevered through NASA's rigorous interview process until he got hired. It took him more than one try, but the important thing is that with each try he learned how to be a better candidate, get back in the saddle, and eventually found himself accepting a full-time job offer. Whether you're an aspiring engineer or business executive or anything in between, everyone can learn a little something from this episode about never giving up on your dream job.

You can listen to The Success Express for free on iTunes, the Podcast app, SoundCloud, and our website.

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