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4 Things Every College Student Should Do This Summer

Happy summer, Boilermakers! Whether you're interning, babysitting, or hanging by the pool this summer, here are four activities you should consider to help you grow as a professional over summer break.

1. Volunteer

What’s the top quality employers look for in a candidate? GPA? Global experience? While these are all great things to have on your resume, the top attribute employers are looking for is leadership experience. Consider volunteering this summer to gain leadership experience while also giving back to your local and global community. Volunteering also allows you to learn more about your motivations, interests, and passions, which might align with your future employer’s values. Who doesn’t love someone who gives back to the community? Get out there and explore opportunities to meet the needs in your local and global community.

2. Job Shadow

Do you have a job this summer that is unrelated to your future career? Consider job shadowing to gain insights into your future field. Job shadowing could also potentially lead to an internship down the road. Take a look at organizations in your local community and identify people who have jobs that interest you. Reach out to them and ask if you can observe them on the job for a couple of hours - most of the time, people are eager to help college students on their career path.

3. Network

To some people, the word “networking” makes them cringe. It can be intimidating, but it’s worth the risk. Start with people you know. Family members, teachers, coaches, mentors are all great places to start networking. You can even network online! Check out this page on our website for tips and tricks on building your network. Networking is a great way to get connected with people in your industry to learn from, and potentially gain an internship or job down the road. Who you know matters! Create extra time in your schedule and talk with people in your field. Remember, they were once college students, too, and are probably eager to help.

4. Reflect

Most of the time, we’re focused on what’s next-- your next homework assignment, social gathering, meeting, etc. The summer is a great time to rest, recharge, and evaluate the past year, with anticipation for the year to come. Take some time to reflect on this past year: what did you learn? What did you accomplish? What are you thankful for? What are you most proud of? What goals can you set? What are you looking forward to this next year at Purdue?

So, what do you think? What are you motivated to do THIS summer to move forward in your professional development? We are open from 8am-5pm all summer long and would love to see you or hear from you!

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