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Show Up for Professional Development Opportunities

Showing up is easy! Sure, it might take some planning, and a little energy to get to wherever you need to be, but opportunities do not come to you very often. More often than not, you need to go to where the opportunities are. This thought, while simple, is powerful.

With the seemingly endless list of tasks that can be before you, and the myriad distractions that surround you, it can be easy to ignore the importance of “being there”. So, how can you be better prepared to “be there”? Here are some steps that might help.

1. Do not be so quick to pass on an invitation. If someone has taken the time to invite you to something, it might be worth your time to go. Examples of these opportunities might include company information sessions, CCO workshops, and student organization events.

2. Networking is not scary if you know what to do. Networking may seem like a daunting task, especially when social media makes it easier than ever to interact with someone without ever speaking to them in person. However, if you approach networking as exploration and focus on listening, you can learn a lot and create some meaningful connections.

3. Follow through on your commitments and build a reputation as a reliable individual. Your reputation does precede you, and you want that reputation to be solid. Following through on your commitments, especially to show up, will maintain and elevate your reputation for consistency.

Embracing chance and being a prospector of opportunity will involve your presence and attention. The more time and energy you put into showing up, the more rewarding the returns can be. Yet, sometimes all it takes is one small step. Take a small step now and check out the CCO calendar for events such as company information sessions, career fairs, and CCO workshops.

Notes from CCO Marketing:

Do you have a story on how “showing up” could be powerful and brought you wonderful opportunities? We’d love to hear. Email us at, we would follow up with you and share real-life career inspirations with fellow Boilermakers!

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