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Give thanks & win prizes: Universum Career Test 2017

It’s no secret that recruiters love Purdue, with over 1,690 unique recruiters in 2016. With highly ranked academics and some of the brightest and hardest working students in the world, it makes sense. However, to keep improving our recruitment programs and prospects, we need your help, Boilermakers.

The season of the Universum Survey is upon us, just in time for Thanksgiving. Give back to Purdue this season by taking the survey in order to show how recruiters fare at Purdue, and how they, and we, can improve the recruitment experience for students.

What is the survey?

The survey is an easy survey that asks about what you look for in a potential employer, what employers you’ve heard of and/or plan on applying to, and how you’ve heard of these employers.

It’ll also ask you questions about how you view yourself and what you expect your starting salary to be upon graduating. At the end of the survey, it’ll show you how you stack up against fellow Boilermakers in terms of desired workplace traits, expected starting salary and which career personality type you are. It also gives you a list of 10 companies that would be a good match for you depending upon your answers to the survey.

As a way of saying “thank you” for completing the survey, the CCO is offering FREE coffee and study rooms in Young Hall during finals weeks, free professional head shots, as well as opportunities to meet and greet with Cheddar the corgi. Isn’t it great to have your own study room and free coffee with a window and a white board? Maybe also invite one or two of your study buddies to share the prize!

Once you complete the survey, you can find a separate link to the prize drawing pool at the end of your career report. Pick your preferred prize and wait for the good news! We will announce the results of the prize drawing by Nov 27th.

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