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Internship Spotlight Kristin Neal

Major: Agricultural Sales and Marketing

Year: Senior

Where did you work this summer? GEICO in Carmel, IN

What was your role? Management Development Intern

What were your duties? – Planned events within the Indianapolis location to help boost employee retention – Participated actively in marketing events to promote the brand – Shadowed individuals in each department to gain a grasp on each of the positions within the company – Generated ideas on employee engagement as well as for GEICO Family Fun Day and created a plan of action for implementation

What were your goals for this internship? The main goals of my internship were to find ways to increase employee retention as well as have a plan implemented for GEICO Family Fun Day.

Did you meet them? I did meet the goal for planning and implementing GEICO Family Fun Day. The project with employee retention is a work in progress and was able to get a start on it. This project is something that needs to be constantly implemented in order to maintain the retention. My goal was to generate ideas and I was able to complete that goal.

What part of your internship did you enjoy the most? Being the only intern at the Carmel location, I had a lot of freedom with many tasks on how to generate ideas as well as finding ways to implement them. I really enjoyed having that freedom as well as being able to shadow numerous positions in each of the departments within the Carmel location.

How did you learn about the position? I learned about this position initially from the CCO then pursued the company at the SMEF career fair.

What was the application process like? I applied during the spring semester and had my first interview (phone interview) within days of speaking with them at the career fair. The second interview was a week or two after that and was in person at their office in Carmel.

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