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What happens on myCCO after I click "apply" for a position?

Thanks to our myCCO expert Janet for sharing frequently asked myCCO questions from students, we are able to demystify some of the hiring process.

Q: What happens after I hit the “apply” button on myCCO?

A: Just like your myCCO account, employers who want to hire at Purdue can create an account via NACElink@Purdue. myCCO and NACElink@Purdue talk to each other via the career service manager platform developed by Symplicity™. Employers can choose to be notified via email when a student submits a resume. Most of the companies will wait until the accepting registration deadline to start the review process, however, some companies will review and respond as they come in.

Q: Why do I want to make my profile public?

A: When you make your profile public, recruiters can view your profile. The companies who have viewed your profile can be found in the “profile view” box on the right sidebar of the “profile” page.

If an employer accesses the link without being signed into an employer account, the view will be tallied as Anonymous Views. If an employer is signed into their account and then accesses the public profile link, the view will show to the student as the employer name and logo.

Q: What’s the “promote me” function?

A: If you have opted in, your basic profile information (named, major, degree, school, class level and graduation year) along your default resume will be shared. You can choose to cop in or out anytime via your “privacy profile” setting. With the “promote me” function, your profile could be found by over 400,000 employers who are specifically looking for every level talent. The search function in the system allow employers to filter by major, degree, graduation date, class level, location, school, program and keyword. Employers can also send you an email or invite you to apply for a job.

Q: I have my LinkedIn profile attached, do I have to make a profile again in myCCO?

A: They are just two different platforms. While LinkedIn is widely used by professionals of all kinds, the Symplicity™ platform is widely used for college recruiting. Having a full myCCO profile will increase the chances of being noticed by the employers, and it does not take long to copy and paste from your LinkedIn!

Tip: Check your profile information in myCCO and make sure it’s accurate! If there’s an error, fill out the request form. Best of luck to everyone with your career journey!

Search “myCCO” in this blog site and find more useful information about myCCO! Feel feel to leave a comment or email for any questions.

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