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Getting to know the new LinkedIn

LinkedIn has undergone substantial desktop redesign changes over the past few months! From homepage alterations to functional changes across the platform, the site has a lot to take in. Here are some of the latest and most relevant changes to the site:

  • Snapshot – LinkedIn has introduced a new brief summary of your profile through “Snapshot,” a quick card visible on the left-hand side of your screen when you first login. Snapshots are a simple way to visually represent a user profile with only a handful of key metrics (Name, Title, Connections, etc.).

  • Search Interface – In the latest iteration of LinkedIn, core search functionality has been moved to the right of the search results page, with filters that allow universal searching of various categories (People, Groups, etc.) listed on a single page. Simply click filters to quickly narrow down your search, and select the relevant tab to search through the category you want. You can also narrow down your search with five specific search operators: Firstname, Lastname, Title, Company, and School. Additionally, Boolean search may assist in further narrowing down your search. Check out LinkedIn’s Help Page on the topic for more info!

  • Profile – For the most part, Profile content has remained the same. What has changed is how you modify the contents of your Profile. Use the right hand side column on your Profile to add new sections; editing existing sections remains possible in-line.

  • Navigation – The way you navigate across the site has also been streamlined with the seven core features: Home, Messaging, Jobs, Notifications, Me, My Network, and Search taking center stage on the menu bar. To access other LinkedIn features simply click the Work button.

  • Feedback – LinkedIn has added a wide variety of features to help provide better insights as you use the redesigned desktop site. More verbose feedback on who’s reading the content you share as well as useful contextual information when searching for people provides a greater focus on content and conversations.

Overall, the new site, though jarring at first, will likely become second nature over time. Check out LinkedIn’s Official Blog for more information about the site as well as Career Advice and Tips for using LinkedIn effectively.

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