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CCO winter break to-do list

Grab a cup of steaming hot chocolate, get cozy and take a look through the CCO’s winter break to-do list! You’ll find current tips & trends on where to find jobs or internships, self-improvement and career development all in one place!

Internship/ Job Search Checklist

  • Log onto my CCO and strive to spend a half hour exploring opportunities! Follow this step-by-step blog on how to use it.

  • Search for internships on Indiana Intern: A great spot to connect with Indiana employers for internships

  • Find jobs categorized by major: The career wiki divides up jobs and career opportunities by major, and this source also lists job search engines and professional associations related to your field.

  • Check out Glassdoor, and read up on it’s benefits over other job search engines

  • View this additional list of resources to research internship opportunities such as community service learning, co-op’s, internships, and part time local employment.

  • Apply to be a CCO Peer Consultant for 2017-18! Applications are due Feb. 6th. Search Search job ID#817216 on myCCO.

  • Create an action plan with goals and deadlines for your internship/job search process.

Self-Improvement Checklist

  • Join a professional organization at the student rate. Professional associations allow you to learn more about career paths in your field, access salary data, attend conferences, but most importantly- get you connected to professionals in your field.

  • Update your Linkedin profile. Add in projects, awards and clubs. Make a goal to connect and follow up with 10 new contacts each month. Refer to our Linkedin bootcamp blog series for tips.

  • Utilize social media to connect with professionals in your area of interest. Read blogs or articles in areas that pertain to your field and contribute to the conversation.

  • Watch this free (normally $45) video series on how to stop procrastination and double your productivity.

Career Development Checklist

  • Schedule an informational interview: Informational interviewing is a 10–30 minute phone or in person conversation that YOU conduct with someone working in a position or field that interests you.

  • Not sure if you’re in the right major? Unsure of what careers you can do after graduating? Explore the CCO Career Compass.

  • Plan to come to one of many career fairs happening this spring on-campus and virtually. To see the recruitment schedule, view our CCO Calendar.

  • Educate yourself on salary information and job outlook in your field. Get up-to-date with salary, companies that have hired Purdue grads, and where Purdue students are going in each major and college with our interactive Data Dashboard.

  • Watch our Career Spots Videos: A collection by the CCO of over 10 different short videos covering topics such as Resumes & Cover Letters, Networking & Your Personal Brand, Internships, Interview tips and Dress, Salary & Negotiation and Social Media & Job Search.

  • Amp up your resume: We have an entire blog series dedicated to providing you with various ways to improve your resume. Once you’ve made changes, don’t forget to drop by the CCO for a resume review!

  • Scan through our Career-Planning handbook that’s chalk full of resources, advice, resume templates and more.

We know that winter break is a time for fun and relaxation with family and friends, but squeezing in a few of these tasks in your downtime can make all of the difference to help you hit the ground running in 2017! Know that the CCO is always here to help!

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