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3 Benefits of using Glassdoor

Upon the many job search engine apps, deciding which one is the best can be complicated. Many seem to offer the same benefits such as searching for jobs, personal recommendations, and applying in one click, but Glassdoor offers features that are very unique.

1. Interview Questions So you’ve applied for the perfect job/internship and received an interview date. Now what? Preparing for an interview can be intimidating because it is uncertain of what the recruiter will exactly ask. Thanks to Glassdoor, for most positions, previous interviewees have posted their personal interview questions from their interview with the exact company and position that you have applied for. There is an option to rate the interview as easy, moderate, or difficult, which gives you an idea of how it will go. There is also information about whether a previous interviewee was offered the job and if they accepted.

2. Salary Estimates A huge bonus and often most useful feature of Glassdoor is their display of related salaries. Whether you’re curious of the salary of a job or just interested in the pay of those in a particular career field, having access to this can be very helpful. Keep in mind that the salaries listed are dependent upon the area, years of experience, and other demographics. It is best to not completely assume the listed salary is exactly what will be offered for a position, but more so to use it as a guide and reference as they are averages of reported salaries by users.

3. Reviews of Position Having access to reviews from others that have been where you want to be is always a plus. It can sometimes give you a warning of what others have experienced and their knowledge, whether good/bad and its usefulness. A piece of advice: Do not let reviews sway your decisions of following through with the application and interview process of a company. Reviews are either really good or really bad. Always make your own decisions and have your own opinions, but it can still be useful to see what you could be getting yourself into.

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