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5 Time saving LinkedIn job search features

The semester has begun, you are finally getting familiar with your daily schedule, and now it is time to search for internships/full-time jobs. You’re probably thinking, “Where exactly do I start?” A great place to start is myCCO. This FREE internship and job portal is just for Purdue students and alumni. After you’ve created your myCCO account, another great place to find jobs is LinkedIn. Although the many features LinkedIn provides can be daunting, we’ll show you 5 ways the LinkedIn Job Search Tab can help you find your ideal position.

1. Direct Link to Company’s Website & Application

There is nothing worse than finding a position that you’re qualified for, and after you have your resume and cover letter ready, you can’t find the link to apply. With the LinkedIn feature, the company’s position, description, qualifications needed, and direct link to the website are just one click away. If you don’t have time to apply at the current moment, there is an easy option to save the selected position for another time.

2. Date & Time of Posted Position

One unique feature is the ability to know when the job was posted. You may be one of the first candidates to apply if the job was posted within the last few days. It also tells you how many views the application description has accumulated.

3. Mutual Connections

Everyone knows that LinkedIn is one of the most effective ways to professionally network through social media. LinkedIn Jobs shows you employees that have a mutual connection with you. If you’re looking for a job in a different place, it is always nice to know other people that you can connect with, whom you share a common interest. Being a newbie at a new company can be frightening, but meeting someone that is also an alumna of your school makes things easier!

4. How Do You Compare to the Competition?

An additional feature (for an extra cost) is the ability to find out how your profile and experiences compare to others that are applying for the same position. Most feelings of anxiety that come with applying and interviewing is wondering what you can do to stand out. Using this feature will let you know what your competition has done/is doing, which can put you a step ahead of the game!

5. Recommended Jobs

I know what you’re thinking, a lot of job searches offer recommended jobs, but LinkedIn offers jobs that you would actually be interested in applying to. There is a customizable job preference section: location(s), experience level desired, company size, and industry. There is also a FREE premium option to see jobs where you would be a top applicant. The jobs recommended vary from small companies in your preferred area to Fortune 500 companies, depending upon your company size selection.

Searching for a job can be stressful, but it doesn’t have to be if you utilize LinkedIn for your job search. It offers a clear display, diverse list of companies, and the ability to apply in one click for select positions. Top executives of companies use LinkedIn to recruit talent, why not take advantage?

Ready to use the LinkedIn Job feature but unsure if your LinkedIn profile is stellar? Drop by the CCO during drop-ins for a LinkedIn profile review, Monday-Friday, 10am-4pm in Young 132.

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