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5 Business attire must haves

After the interview process is complete and offers have been made, it’s time to start preparing for the daily new grind of work. Professional attire can be expensive and difficult for new graduates to lock down. However, it doesn’t take a full closet to create numerous professional outfits. These 5 professional attire must haves will get you plenty of outfit variations and on your way to career success.

  1. The Classic White Shirt: It doesn’t matter who you are, the classic white dress shirt is for everyone. It can go with any color and can be dressed down and up for any occasion. The best part about the classic white dress shirt is that it can be found at almost any clothing store that sells professional attire and won’t break the bank!

  2. Sleek Black Slacks: Just like the classic white dress shirt, a pair of sleek black slacks is definitely something you will need! Most of you will have acquired these prior to interviews and career fairs, which will save you time down the road. For those of you who haven’t, go ahead and invest! It will be worth every penny.

  3. The Basic Dress Shoe: A simple basic dress shoe can go miles (literally and figuratively) for your professional wardrobe. For men, this could be a black or brown dress shoe. For women, you can get a nude heel. You’ll be in these shoes for a large part of your day so make sure you find a pair that is comfortable.

  4. A Small Pop of Color: Every outfit needs a small pop of color! Luckily, this small pop of color can be something cheap and easy to acquire. For men, incorporate this into your wardrobe through the use of a tie. For women, a simple scarf can be worn. When clothing stores switch over their summer and winter inventory, many ties and scarves will go on sale. Save some money and stock up on different color options.

  5. Just a Little Bling: The last professional attire must have is a little bling. A simple watch for a man or earrings for a woman, can pull your entire outfit together. Make sure that it is nothing too flashy, as versatility is key.

Growing a professional wardrobe takes time but with these few things, you are definitely on your way! To get more ideas of other professional attire, check out and follow our Pinterest page:

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