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How the CCO can still help you after graduation

Graduation will be here before you know it and post grad plans are starting to be made! Many alumni forget that even after graduation, Purdue’s Center for Career Opportunities can still offer them lots of great opportunities and help. Here are 5 ways that the CCO can do just that!

  1. Walk-In Services: The CCO is open for walk-ins from 10:00am to 4:00pm and those services don’t stop after graduation! Come get your resume or cover letter reviewed, explore grad school options, or let us help you with your personal statement. These are all free services that can help propel your professional career, long after your graduation date.

  2. Specialized Scheduled Mock Interviews: The few services listed above, don’t even begin to scratch the surface of what the CCO offers current students and alumni. If you are in need of a mock interview, the CCO offers mock interviews just for alumni! All alumni mock interview appointments are given more time and give you double the practice with a pre practice interview.

  3. myCCO: myCCO is the gift that keeps on giving! Compared to other career services that become inactive after graduation, myCCO does not. As long as you continue to log into myCCO once every 6 months, your account will stay active and those interview offers will keep rolling in!

  4. Career Fairs: All alumni are encouraged to attend the Career Fairs even after graduation! By staying connected with the CCO on our social media platforms, we will remind you what Career Fairs you are eligible to attend and when they are. All career related events can also be found on our website calendar.

  5. LinkedIn: Everyone knows how important LinkedIn is for networking and growing your professional career. However, not many know that the CCO has a great LinkedIn group that is full of successful Purdue professionals. Job postings, helpful articles and discussion boards are constantly buzzing and can lead to great opportunities for current students and alumni!

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