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5 Ways to get in the zone before an interview

It’s completely natural to feel nervous before an interview and in most cases, that’s hard to avoid. However, to display the best version of you, sometimes you just need to shake off those jitters and get in the zone. Here are our top 5 ways to get in the zone before your interview!

Get Your Jam On: Just like athletes listen to music to get them pumped for a game, so can you for an interview! Interviewers want to see confidence in their applicants, and what better way of making you feel like a boss than by jamming to some of your favorite tunes?

Go Over Your Answers: Some interview questions are notoriously hard and involve some prior planning to be executed flawlessly. Go over in your head the ideas you want to convey and the experiences you want to better explain!

Pop a Mint: On your commute to your interview, pop a mint in your mouth! Everyone enjoys some minty fresh breath and it will give you one less thing to worry about when making that first impression.

Take Some Deep Breaths: After all your preparation and hard work, take a second to just breathe! A few deep breaths will help calm you down and allow you to think more clearly.

Remember Interviewers Are People Too: It’s easy to get in the mindset that the interviewer is out to get you or wants you to fail, but that’s simply not the case. Most interviewers want to see you excel in the interview and are going to give you the chance to do so! As much as you are wanting to impress them, they also want to impress you and be a positive representation for their company.

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