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Are you overlooking this essential skill?

As college students, we are pretty much always on the job hunt for the duration of our four (or five) years. So whether you’re a freshman or a victory-lapper, this is important for you to understand. As Purdue students, we are being exposed to technologies, theories, and constantly being put in situations to apply our knowledge and skills. You’ve most likely figured out that Purdue seems to love group projects. And I know firsthand that many students just LOVE them, too. (*Insert eye roll*)

While many moan and groan and despise group projects, the benefits of being put in that group situation are often overlooked. Where do you see yourself in 5 years? Are you going to be working in a tiny office, all by yourself? Probably not.

Is your future workplace going to be a Utopian society where everyone gets along, and meets deadlines, and pulls their weight? Probably not. Because guess what? Those frustrating group members are entering the same workforce as you- and they’re more than likely not going to magically become the ideal colleague overnight.

So, if you think you MIGHT be the kind of co-worker that pushes deadlines, doesn’t adequately contribute, or brings a negative energy to your group– try to grow during your time as a Purdue student to position yourself as a strong job candidate when it’s time for the post-grad job search.

But, if you’re one of the people who seems to have these skills down, don’t overlook them. Pat yourself on the back, because you’ve achieved some essential skills that many have yet to acquire. Are you the kind of person who coordinates group projects, acts as a thought-leader, or always delivers on time? Are you the kind of person who gets a good night’s sleep the night before an exam, because you actually didn’t procrastinate studying? Are you the kind of person who is always willing to go above and beyond?

Take note of these achievements! They may seem like second-nature to you, but they make you extremely hirable. Whether you share them in interviews or can find a way to show it on your resume, without saying, “I carry the team on my back,” then by all means- do it.

Anyone can learn a hard skill- it’s the soft skills that are much harder to master. So take pride in having them, and never overlook the fact that you do.

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