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Five ways to seal the deal

With interviews winding down, recruiters are starting to make final decisions on who they want to hire. Make sure you are on that list by remembering these 5 ways to seal the deal!

  1. Closing Interview Statement: Most interviewers will ask you if you have any questions and then follow that by asking if you have anything else you would like them to know. This is your one chance in an interview to say whatever you want, so take advantage of it! Tell them how perfect you would be for the position. Highlight your strengths, if you didn’t get to already. Impress them with some researched knowledge about their company and how you would fit in there. Use this time to be creative and standout, because it might be your last shot before final decisions are made!

  2. Thank You Letter: After finishing your interview, make sure you send a thank you letter! That recruiter was kind enough to take time out of their day to talk with you. So take a little time out of yours to give them a proper thank you.

  3. Written Follow Up: A lot of jobs will have a long wait time between your first interview and actually giving offers. Take this time to send a written follow up message. Thank them again for taking time to interview you and stress your continual interest in their company. Send along a copy of your resume again and mention you would be interested in any other available they think you might be a good fit for. The goal of this is to set you apart from others by doing something not many would do.

  4. LinkedIn: Most companies and interviewers will have a LinkedIn account. Take some time to follow them and start networking. It might not guarantee a job at that business but it could lead to possible opportunities in the future.

  5. Interest: The biggest thing to remember during this process is to stay positive and continually try to show your interest. If an interviewer sees that you really like their company and you have a strong desire to work there, that makes a huge difference in how they perceive you and potentially whether or not you get the job!

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