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Social media do's and don'ts

With the way technology is evolving and being used as an outlet for increasingly personal things each day, it can be hard knowing where to draw the line when it comes to posting personal information online.

However, with the job search becoming increasingly competitive, recruiters are turning to social media to get a good idea of whether or not you’re a person they’d like to hire. Because of this, it’s important to consider how you would explain your social media posts if they were brought up in your next interview. A good rule to follow is that if you were at an interview and they asked you about a certain tweet, status, picture, etc., would you be embarrassed or feel as if it would hurt your chances at the position you are aiming to get? If so, it’s probably best not to post it.

The line of what’s good and what’s not can be hard to distinguish when considering what’s okay to post. While some pictures taken at parties might be okay, many are not. If you are someone you know are behaving inappropriately in the photo, it’s best to keep it offline.

One social media “don’t” that’s often overlooked is the use of inappropriate or foul language. While you may be passionate about the opinions you’re expressing online, finding a way to express them in a positive tone is key to making a good impression. Even rethinking that ‘funny’ joke you want to post may help your chances at impressing employers. Is your joke offensive? Would you say the joke to your grandma? These are all things to consider before hitting “send.”

Social media etiquette is still as important as ever once you DO land the job. Badmouthing your company or posting inappropriate material could put you on HR’s radar, and not for the right reasons. Even worse, it could lose you the job. To maintain a positive image on social media, focus more on sharing insights on your industry or sharing positive things about yourself that lets people get a glimpse of your personality.

When you’re hesitant on whether or not something is appropriate to post on social media, the answer is probably “no.” Before hitting send, consider how you would explain this post to your grandma, or even more so, your potential employer. Showing a positive attitude and the ability to articulate your opinions with grace will benefit your personal brand better in the long run, so next time, think twice before you post.

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