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What to do when you're stressed about an interview

You’ve just impressed recruiters at a career fair and now they want to interview you! Oftentimes stress and nervousness build up in anticipation of an interview. Guess what? By following these guidelines, there will be no room for stress or nerves!

Prepare and Plan.

The most important thing to do before an interview is research the company. Learn what they do, who they are, and who their competitors are. Educate yourself on the current industry news. See which relevant companies are making news headlines and why.

Once you’ve done your research, plan out your outfit, print out copies of your resume, and map how you are going to get to the interview. Most importantly, get a good night’s rest. Check all these things off your to-do list the night before your interview and you’ll be feeling as prepared as Patrick from Spongebob!

Rehearse. Don’t memorize a script.

While it may sound like a good idea to memorize answers to possible interview questions, it could come across as scripted to the interviewer. Instead, set aside time before the interview to brainstorm how your past experiences could apply to the company values. This will help you answer any interview questions that are thrown at you, just as Beyonce can hit all the footballs thrown at her.

Arrive early.

Make sure to get to your interview early! This will give you time to cool off (especially if you walk to the interview) as well as gather your thoughts. Warm up your brain just as these girls are warming up for their soccer game. Take a couple deep breaths and picture success.

Think of the interview as a conversation.

If you are nervous to talk to the interviewer, remember that they are human just like you. They might even be nervous too! The whole point of the interview is for the interviewer and the interviewee to get to know each other. Enjoy the conversation just as much as Leonardo Dicaprio and Mathew McConaughey do.

Share your knowledge and try your best!

Want additional practice before your interview? The CCO offers peer mock interviews by appointment Monday through Friday 10am-4pm. Schedule your appointment here.

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