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How to market your summer job

Whether you’re a go-getter freshman, already on the hunt for your first internship, or a junior, feeling a little worried about your lack of experiences thus far in college, don’t fret. You can still market what experience you do have to make yourself a desirable job candidate.

Example: My friend just graduated from college at the end of the summer. He landed his first job a week before he finished classes (which he found on myCCO… holla), but his job search was definitely an ongoing process. During several of his interviews, he was asked why he didn’t include his job as a factory worker during the summers after his freshman and sophomore year on his resume.

He often replied thinking that he didn’t think his experience there was relevant, as it had really nothing to do with his major. However, he was wrong. Many employers were impressed that he was the kind of hard worker who didn’t shy away from spending 10 hours a day in a hot factory during his summer days, and that kind of hardworking attitude is exactly what his employer now was looking for (even though he is not working in a factory).

Case in point, just having a summer job shows that you have the initiative, communication skills, ability to tackle challenges, or dedication that many employers are looking for. Whether you were a camp counselor, ice cream scooper, retail associate, factory worker, babysitter ,etc. , no job is too small when it comes to building your skill set. One of the most important, yet most underrated skills, are people skills. Learning how to communicate with others, especially in a difficult situation, isn’t a skill that everyone possesses. Several summer jobs can build on your communication skills, and if you learn how to effectively show it on a resume, can make for a great experience.

While you don’t necessarily need to continue listing these summer jobs as you continue gaining relevant experience, don’t shy away from showcasing them as you begin searching for internships.

You’d be surprised at how recruiters and potential employers may view your summer job, even though you may just see it as a way to earn extra cash.

To learn more about how you can effectively show your experiences so far, stop by the CCO in Young Hall, Rm 132 during drop-in hours from 10 a.m.-4 pm. Monday through Friday.

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