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Preparing for your professional school interview

Congratulations on being invited to interview for your professional program! No doubt you are excited, relieved, and nervous. These tips will help you prepare to shine at your interview.

Remember the point of the interview – it’s all about fit!

Schools are assessing your fit for their professional program. What is your motivation? Do you have strong communication and interpersonal skills? Are you mature? Do you have a solid knowledge of the field, exhibit strong judgment and problem-solving skills?

You are also assessing the school's fit. Is this the right environment for you? Would you flourish with the teaching style? Do you have 24/7 access to a library? Is the campus safe? Are there spaces for studying and relaxing? Do you feel like you fit with the other students?

Interview Day Checklist

  • Business professional attire

  • Most interview days are divided into two parts. First, a campus tour and orientation/financial aid session, followed by the interview.

  • There are several types of interviews – individual, group, multiple mini interviews. Know which type the school will use and prepare accordingly.

Know what to expect

  • Collect contact information from everyone you meet the day of the interview. Follow up promptly with Thank You notes.

  • A hard copy of your application documents. Reread your personal statement and familiarize yourself with what you wrote in your application. You may be asked a question about something you included in the application.

  • A list of questions you have for the interviewer

  • Pad of paper, pen

  • Directions, program phone number, and any information you were sent about the interview day

Practice Answering Common Interview Questions

  • Why do you want to be in this field?

  • Tell us about a time that you faced a challenge? How did you deal with it?

  • Tell us about your healthcare experiences?

  • What are the biggest challenges in this field today?

  • Greatest strength/weakness?

Use the resources available to you through the Center for Career Opportunities. Complete Interview Stream, a virtual interview simulator on myCCO, and then schedule an appointment for a mock interview.

Attend an Interviewing for Professional School workshop led by a pre-professional advisor in the CCO.

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